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Kicks For Days: Celebrating our #WCW Sneakerheads in the LGBTQ Community

I am so pleased that brands try their best to represent the LGBTQ community by acknowledging and celebrating us as the true people we are.

My experience coming out was mostly positive. My dad thought it was a phase, so it took a little longer for him to come around. The only person I was worried about, was my granny, who raised me…but she told me, back in her day, people weren’t out and proud like they are nowadays. Smilingly, she spoke about seeing the Ellen episode of her coming out on TV, and that she loved me, as I was her granddaughter, and only I can live this life. Which is exactly what I now have tatted on my side.

IG: Hersoles_23

Aurora, IL

The LGBTQ scene around me is cool, but I don’t frequent a lot or maybe i’m unaware of certain hangout spots. Yet, just know when it’s time, I always call up a few friends and we hit the scene. So, I have always enjoyed myself at our events, especially when June comes around.

I am very supportive of the community, overall. I may not be as active as far as being involved with community centers and what not, yet I speak up with or about any member of the LGBTQ family, whether I know them or not. I never let people around me disrespect the community or make disparaging marks. Nope, it’s not allowed!

I am so pleased that brands try their best to represent the LGBTQ community by acknowledging and celebrating us as the true people we are. Love is Love, and I am glad they are finally being brave and going against the grain, in knowing that some groups of people frown down upon it. They may miss the mark sometimes, but they definitely get an A for effort.

My favorite collaboration so far this year would go to Nike for the Air Max 720 “BeTrue” because I believe that it is so important for the WNBA, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL, and just the sports realm in general, as well as just regular people, to support the LGBTQ community. The reason would just be because we have every right to be supported. We are human beings. We are your moms, your sisters, your brothers, your sons, your fathers, YOUR FAMILY.

IG: Jaiifresh

Orlando, FL

My name is Jaii Rosario, and I own a business where I buy, sell and trade sneakers as well as other sneaker related products. I honestly did not have a great experience coming out, because I was raised by a traditional Puerto Rican woman. Yet, with time and communication, she has learned to love and accept me for who I am. The LGBTQ community in Central Florida is unified more than ever, after the tragedy that occurred at Pulse Nightclub, as we show up as #OrlandoStrong. I am supportive and very well known throughout the LGBTQ community, and I feel that the fact that footwear brands are making collaborations for the LGBTQ community is amazing. I would love to see any contributions be distributed throughout the LGBTQ community, to help our youth. There is such a high rate of LGBTQ youth being rejected from their families and homes, at such a young age, for coming out. I feel that any contributions to any LGBTQ foundations to help assist ad host them, would make a difference.

Adidas did a nice job with the Ultra Boost edition. Considering the fact that a large part of the WNBA are a part of our community, I would think that they are very supportive. I have a cool collection of NBA Barbies, and have always been a fan of the WNBA. I actually played some basketball back in my day, as I was a starting point for 4 years in a row, and MVP as well. I also have a decent collection of sneakers, and always make foot contact before eye contact.

IG: Vickatrillion


My name is Victoria Brito, and I am a model/dancer influencer sneakerhead. My experience was not the best one, as I wasn’t accepted by my mother when I came out. Yet, I knew I had to speak my truth. The LGBTQ scene where I’m at in NYC is FREE! It’s loud it’s vibrant, and it’s so proud. I am super supportive of the LGBTQ community anything good or bad I’m always listening and sharing on social media. 

I think footwear brands doing a collaboration for LGBTQ is awesome, but I feel like they should only book people from the LBGTQ for advertising it. My favorite collaborations so far is the Nike Be True campaign. That was perfect. It is super important for the WNBA to support the LGBTQ community to show that women rule, and with the platform the WNBA has, it is very vital to be heard. June is Pride Month, with providing each day to celebrate and to be more informed with everything that is going on within the community, and the world. We celebrate 50 years of Stone Wall, and of course, New York is hosting World Pride, and altogether, that is so amazing! Be you, and remember, always speak your truth!

IG: Werdcust0ms

Newark, NJ

I am Taniesha Adams AKA WeRD Customs, and I do all types of graphic art, but am mostly known for some dope customs. I actually never really had to come out, in the normal sense. It was kind of an unspoken thing. I actually didn’t start dating girls until I was about 22, when I finally realized how I truly felt. My family is pretty cool with it. My mom doesn’t care who I love or date. My grandma, on the other hand, is a southern church goer, who doesn’t love it, but she loves me, so she accepts it for the most part. I’m from Newark, NJ but now a Pennsylvania resident, right outside of Philly. I honestly don’t go out too much, and if I do, I don’t really seek out LGBTQ venues. I am pretty low key.

I am all for equality and loving who you love, and people deserving to live their lives, in their truth. I have a bunch of friends, who unfortunately, still can’t be themselves because of cultural family differences and because they don’t feel they will be accepted, and it’s really disheartening.

I honestly feel like they need to do more than just throw a rainbow on a pair of kicks, or say love is love, then call it a collaboration. I haven’t researched much, but have any sneaker brands really did a collaboration with a specific person of the LGBTQ community? Let them make a shoe, based on matters that are memorable to them, and their coming out.  Do more than say love is love, or equality for all, and stamp it with a rainbow.

My favorite sneaker collaboration thus far is probably the 2017 Adidas Ultraboost 3.0 Pride.

I think it’s a good outlet for those still struggling to feel comfortable with being in the LGBTQ communuity. I know that, if when I was younger and playing basketball, and had someone to look up to, it may have helped figure out what was going on in my head, and help to know these feelings were okay. I may not have waited until I was 22 to stop fighting my true feelings. Having someone on a higher platform to be able to relate to, that is accepted, world wide, can make a world of difference. I hope being an African American female, who is also a Lesbian and a sneaker collector, sneaker enthusiast and sneaker customizer. I can be a beacon of hope for the people in the LGBTQ community and tell little girls that it is okay to not wear skirts every day, and they can run around with a basketball instead of a barbie and love sneakers over high heels. I also hope for the chance to get to work with some of the players of the WNBA, and do some customs for them. There are tons of male customizers out here, doing customs for male athletes all over. Let’s get some female customizers, hooking up the WOMEN of the WNBA, and showcasing our talent as well.


Damaries Negron aka Kickitwitdd and I am from the Bronx NY. I have been collecting sneakers since 2007 and my favorite sneaker brand is Ewing Athletics. I own over 200+ pairs of sneakers. My purpose for collecting is to enlighten the sneaker culture from a woman's perspective.



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  2. Saint

    July 8, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    Definitely enjoyed reading the article and and getting different perspectives from inside the LGBTQ community. Looking forward to more articles from DeeDee.

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