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Has Reselling Killed the Sneaker Game?

The sneaker game has done a lot of changing over the last few years, with social media making the want for certain sneakers a must have. Standing in lines are a thing of the past, with raffles being the name of the game and having a sneaker “plug” is necessary. But the big question is, is reselling killing the sneaker game?

A lot of your old school sneakerheads feel that resellers are indeed killing the game, buying sneakers just for their pockets and not for the love of the game. In asking a few people, a response I received was that, “youngsters don’t understand the game. They buy just because a celebrity wears the shoe or because of ‘hype’. I remember being a kid and standing in line for Jordan’s on Wednesday morning, and stepping back into school like the man.”

Some resellers are true sneakerheads – people that have put in the work and now have the means to get whatever they want, and yet others, are what people don’t really agree with. Nike Skateboarding sneakers are back and big in a major way. Travis Scott releases the Nike SB Low x Travis Scott for a price tag of $110, but resell can be up to $1500. This can hurt a true fan’s pockets but, speaking with a reseller, “Supply is Demand. Anything with a demand can be sold”. Can’t really argue with that logic but, for the average Joe, it can be a no go.

Popular apps like SNRKS have been a gateway for everyone to try their luck on grabbing exclusive sneakers. The downfall of it all? The luck hasn’t been good. The #sadderday hashtag has turned into an every week thing but, resellers will always have what you need. Just depends on what you want and if the payment is worth your investment. A lot of OGs miss the grind and the hustle of finding sneaker information and the perfect sneaker. DJ Clark Kent mentioned in an documentary, that in his younger years, he would move around all five boroughs to find certain sneakers. He continued by saying that the grind made finally copping that sneaker with all the hustle and bustle – opening that box, lacing up, and putting that sneaker on, made you feel as if you had accomplished a life long goal.

A lot of people feel that the game has lost this passion. There is a lot of hype around sneakers, probably more than it ever has been, but there are still some that have passion for sneaker culture and what the culture represents – a culture that has changed so much over the years. Reselling is a part of our world as sneakerheads, and good or bad, we have to adapt and adjust. Things are forever changing so who knows what will happen in the future, but we do know one thing: Kicks Run The World and that won’t ever change.


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What's good all! My name is Reggie Jackson II and I'm from Baton Rouge, LA. I have been collecting sneakers since 2010 and been writing since 2012. My favorite sneakers are the Jordan 2, Jordan 14, and the Air Max 1. I hoop in my spare time (and anytime I can) and any Kobe is my go to on the court. Rise Grind and Buy Sneakers.




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