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MFTW Sneaker Appreciation: @sallyssneakers

Welcome to #MadeForTheW’s sneaker appreciation segment, where we introduce you to women who collect sneakers, work in the footwear industry, and/or impacting the sneaker culture. This week, we introduce you to one woman who is known for her insane cops and is impacting the culture through her pictures.

DD: What’s your name, where you from, and what made you start collecting sneakers? 

I’m Sally, also known as @sallyssneakers on IG. I was born in Denmark, raised by Persian parents. My parents fled Iran when my oldest sister, who’s currently 37, was only 2 years old. To be completely honest, it’s difficult to explain what really made me start collecting – it was just that feeling of having a pair that felt special to me. Denmark is a small country and because of that, there’s a tendency for people to dress very similar. I guess wearing sneakers became my way of standing out and I haven’t let that go.

What was the first sneaker you purchased? 

My first ever purchase was the all white AF1 low. I bought them in Footlocker with my first ever pay. Those weren’t really what started it for me – I think that was the Huarache. Those were big back in 2013-2014 in Denmark.  

What was the earliest you remember about collecting sneakers?  

I live in a country that isn’t really big on sneaker culture, so my understanding of “collecting” was really limited back when I started. I was just a young girl who loved sneakers. I think it was definitely being on the hunt for every Huarache colorway that existed – after that, I had a Puma Fenty phase. I had every single one of those pairs – suede, velvet, you name it. 

What’s your favorite sneaker in your collection? 

Melody Ehsani Jordan 1 Mids. Melody is Persian like myself and is a big advocate for female empowerment, which is something the women of Iran are truly in need of. She’s also one of the women who have been making big moves in streetwear and sneakers. I take huge pride in what she did with that shoe (also what she does with her brand) and I’ve always felt it had my name written all over it. The design is bold, details are impeccable and even if some people hate the watch – it’s one of my favorite elements. 

What sneaker is missing from your collection? 

Too many! LOL! The Jordan 1 Fragment, AF1 Fantastic 4 Invisible Woman, the AF1 MCA, the Jordan 1 Trophy Room, Jordan 1 Chicago Off-White, Jordan 1 Storm Blue, the list goes on… some I’ll never be able to get due to the lack of size inclusivity.  

Any sneaker stories you wanna share?  

Back when the second Sacai Waffle drop happened, I camped in front of the store from 5:30am with my mom and sister to grab all three colorways. My mom has genuinely been with me the most when I used to camp/queue for pairs.  

Which sneaker in the future are you looking forward to cop? 

The Air Max 1 CLOT is probably my top 1 release of this year. Really hoping I can get those.  

Which brand in your opinion is killing it?  

Definitely New Balance. They’ve had some amazing collaborations this past year from Joe Fresh Goods 992’s to Salehe Bembury 2002MR’s, JJJound 992’s and let’s not forget the Aimé Leon Dore 550’s. I think they’re a brand that will continue to shine in 2021.  

Which women in the industry do you recognize?

Gosh, so many. Aleali May, Melody Ehsani, Vashtie, Olivia Kim and the list goes on..  

If you had the chance to address these footwear brands, what would you want them to know? 

Please do better when it comes to the female sneaker scene. Both in terms of inclusivity when it comes to sizing, but also behind the scenes: when it comes to designs and collaborations. Community-wise, women often are misunderstood, bullied and kept out by narrow minded gatekeepers, and I feel like brands can have a say in this, if they chose to highlight more women in the game.  


Damaries Negron aka Kickitwitdd and I am from the Bronx NY. I have been collecting sneakers since 2007 and my favorite sneaker brand is Ewing Athletics. I own over 200+ pairs of sneakers. My purpose for collecting is to enlighten the sneaker culture from a woman's perspective.


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