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Sam Gordon x ConqHER Eastbay

Eastbay has been setting the bar HIGH with their ConqHER Campaign, as athletes in their quest to show the world what we have known all along – women are highly contributing forces in the sports world.

If you haven’t heard of Sam Gordon, let us introduce you. Sam is a young, football and soccer athlete, who has accomplished so much and she isn’t even 20 years old yet but already an inspiration.

We caught up with Sam while she was with her dad enjoying Disney! We asked Sam, “So tell us about you? How did you get into football? What made that a sport you feel you wanted to pursue? ” Sam has always been into football. She played growing up, and of course that wasn’t on an all girls team. It was with boys. At the end of one of her practices, she was running rings around the boys doing wind sprints. This was one of the reasons she knew she could excel in the sport.

“What was it like to appear on the Wheaties Box at the age of 9 and be in an NFL commercial? ” Sam said the experience was absolutely amazing and has opened up so many opportunities. She also said that the NFL has been very gracious for helping her propel her movement forward.

So I asked Sam, “You have achieved SO much at a young age, which is awesome and inspiring. What motivates you?

My love for sports. I have this platform, I have true support and yes, I have haters, but that just motivates me even more. Sam stated that she has haters in her comments, but she ignores them and keeps going.

“Teaming up with Eastbay and the ConqHER Campaign? What does that mean to you?” She stated that it means breaking down stereotypes, being a woman, you can do anything! And we love that! That’s what it’s all about.

“At Made for the W, we are all about women pushing the needle forward, women in Sports and definitely sneakers. What are you rocking on a daily basis? What are your go to’s?”

I am just going for anything comfortable, whatever feels good.” We get that! We love a comfy sneaker.

“So what’s next on the radar for Sam, what do you have on the table? We see you have the Sam and Max Show? Tell us where you are planning to take that?

Yes, I have a YouTube show with my brother; we talk football and I just want women to know they have a place in that space. For whatever reason, we don’t see many women in that space and I want to open it up for women to be there. I am also going to attend Columbia University in the fall. I want to study film and media.” Wow that’s amazing. We can’t wait to see where that takes her!

“So what are some words of wisdom that you would like to leave for girls, ladies, and women that look up to you?”

Don’t be afraid to break stereotypes – they were meant to be broken. Women can do anything! If you love it, you should do it!”

Sam is a major inspiration! We had a great time interviewing her. She is young, gifted, focused and we are locked in, while following her journey.


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