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Mistie Boyd Gives An Inside Scoop on Nike’s New Swoosh Fly Line

Nike has long been recognized as one of the most innovative companies, in regards to branding. Their latest venture proves that they are worthy of this very reputation. The apparel giant will be launching an exclusive women’s line, that will change the game. We hooked up with Mistie Boyd to talk about how this move will send shockwaves, throughout women’s sports.

Mistie is extremely excited to be working on Nike’s second signature line for women. She never envisioned that she’d be working in this space – let alone running point on the project, of this magnitude. She said female athletes were tired of shopping in the men’s section, so Nike decided to do something about it. This isn’t the first time the swoosh molded around the ladies. In 2015, they released the Elite collection, which consisted of a small collection of performance gear,designed specifically for women. But Mistie says this time around, they’re spreading their wings.

The Swoosh Fly collection will keep the ladies jazzed up, both on and off the court. Mistie sees this as an opportunity to reach a new demographic. If you’ve spent any time around youth basketball lately, you will have seen that these kids are laced up – from the time they get to the gym, until the time that they leave. Fashion has pretty much become synonymous with women’s basketball, and it starts at the top of the food chain. The ladies of the WNBA are approaching iconic levels, in regards to the recognition for their style. Elle and InStyle have dedicated articles to the flair and elegance that the ladies display. It’s only right that Nike upped the ante, in the fashion game.

I asked Mistie what impact she thinks this venture will have in the future. Maybe even perhaps, pushing up the timeline for another WNBA player getting a signature shoe, after years of their not being one. She stated that it’s an inevitable reality for a woman to get their own silhouette. At this point, it’s really a question of “when” and not “if”. She can’t specifically say when this will happen, but the conversation is rabid at this point, so it’s only a matter of time.

This is an endeavor that is close to Mistie’s heart, as she is a lifelong hooper. She knows what it’s like to not have an option for gear dedicated to her, so she is elated to be able to bring this vision to life. While she was shocked to be handed such a monumental task, that she felt she wasn’t prepared for – she soon realized, she had been preparing for it her entire life. Mistie just tapped back into her ballplayer side and thought about what she wanted to look like when she was playing. She said when she was younger, she had all the women’s signature shoes and her closet was fully stocked with WNBA jerseys. It’s inevitably organic that she was chosen to outfit the next generation of lady hoopers.

Also, with her playing background, she could not have been more perfect for this job, than she had even imagined. For the lifestyle items, of course fashion and look, take precedence. But for the performance gear, while it has to be fashionable, it needs to be functional as well. We saw this issue a few years ago, when the NBA introduced their sleeved jerseys. Players didn’t like how the jerseys felt at times during gameplay. Mistie definitely took performance into account. She wanted to make sure the items looked good, but simultaneously, that they didn’t impede what happens on the court.

There is much to be appreciated in this full circle moment for Mistie. She came into the WNBA, at a time of uncertainty, where there were many valleys and peaks for the league, during her playing days. She is extremely happy to see the advancement of the women’s game, as she applauded the W’s new leadership, for their efforts in that realm. This apparel line could very well be a springboard to a new era, for women’s basketball. Mistie said that this wave is nowhere near over. “It’s not a moment. It’s a movement.” The momentum behind the women’s game is stronger than ever, and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

We definitely appreciate Mistie and the Nike family, for giving us a few minutes to talk about something groundbreaking as this, for the women’s game. We’re very excited to see what they’ve been cooking up in the lab. When the collection hits retail in July, it might be in your best interest to get on it quickly. We’re sure it’s going to fly off the shelves.

Nike Fly Crossover Short: $45

Nike Fly Crossover Printed Short: $55

Nike Fly Dry-Fit Tee: $25

Features the Swoosh Fly logo

Nike Fly Short: $35

Built with a breathable double mesh fabric and a fitted waist

Nike Fly Reversible Jersey: $45

– Also features a double mesh fabric and a narrower shoulder so the straps don’t slide 

Nike Standard Issues Pullover Hoodie: $90

Lightweight, soft material for everyday comfort, this new silhouette features a secured pocket and hood with room for a ponytail

Nike Standard Issue Full-Zip Hoodie: $80

– Same material as above with a full-zip

Nike Standard Issue Pant: $75

Features a cinched waist and more room in the hips and thighs

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