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Taylor Rooks: Women Win Week – Step Into Purpose Through Champs Sports Women

This week is Women Win Week with Champs Sports Women. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their live IGTV,  head on over to their Instagram account to see previous Instagram interviews. All of them are so inspirational.

Today we had the pleasure of hearing from Taylor Rooks, a sports journalist and broadcaster. She dropped GEMS on how to manage your day-to-day level of self-awareness, what she’s rocking in the bubble, as well as some fun things she does for her personal self-care day.

First, Taylor talked about stepping into your purpose. One of the things she does every morning is listen to a TED Talk to ignite inspiration. She will also go into her kitchen, make breakfast and revisit The Four Agreements – a book by Don Miguel Ruiz.

1) Be impeccable with your word.

2) Don’t take anything personally.

3) Don’t make assumptions.

4) Always do your best.

This book sounds like a definite must read.

Another great point Taylor made is that it’s okay not to know your purpose or your exact path. You may never find your purpose and that’s not a bad thing. Taylor stated that she felt her purpose was to have meaningful conversations with other humans, through talking to people and story-telling. Finding your purpose requires constant evolvement. We can get so caught up in destination addiction, that we forget to find beauty in the present and have to remember to always stay true to who we are.

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We were able to ask Taylor a few questions; First question, what are you rockin’ on foot? She showed us her brand New Vapormax Plus, courtesy of Champs Sports Women. She said, she thinks she has 12 pairs of Vapormax total. “They are so comfy and with all the colorways, they go with everything.” Taylor is also loving hoodies right now. In the bubble, there is a lot of walking and she loves the athleisure look.  I asked her how many pairs of sneakers she brought with her, she said 6 total, throwing in that she also brought 10 books.

One of my favorite parts of her talk was when she was asked what she does on a self-care day. Taylor stated, that she puts on a mask, drinks wine, hangs out with family, and overall, chills and relaxes. She loves peace and tranquility, so she gravitates towards sometimes being solitary. Oh, and she also mentioned that she LOVES comfort food. Sounds like this would be an amazingly relaxing day!

A few last reminders that Taylor left us with are, “Always be motivated by the pull not the push. You KNOW when something makes you happy. How does an opportunity make you feel? How does it make you feel emotionally? Those are questions we should ask ourselves on a daily basis.”

I definitely felt like I just tuned into a motivational TED Talk by Taylor Rooks. Made for the W can’t wait to keep watching her FLY KICKS and how far she continues to grow!

WOMEN WIN WEEK: Step Into Purpose, Taylor Rooks via Champs Sports Women.


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