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Adidas Campus 80s ‘Towelie’

As 4/20 is becoming more popular worldwide, the brands want to make sure to let us ‘celebrate’ by supplying the most creative footwear designs. Adidas is no stranger to this idea and has just released its’ South Park iteration of the Campus 80s model, dubbed ‘Towelie’. The inspiration for this design is basically a talking towel character from the sitcom.

The shoes are quite basic, but that’s what’s actually cool about them. The upper is made of terry fabric, kept in a nice chalk purple color and the tongues feature a pair of eyes, which are UV-reactive and will change to red when exposed to sun (much like your eyes do after you smoke weed).

The shoes come with keychains of Towelie and the tongues feature Velcro stash pockets on the inside, with white writing of ‘Don’t forget to bring a towel’ on one shoe and ‘I have no idea what’s going on’ on the other.

When it comes to sizing, I actually like to wear my adidas Campus 0.5 size smaller. However, the shoes are a bit narrow, so you can also stay true to your usual size. I wouldn’t recommend buying them bigger, especially since the lining is made of leather, so your feet will slide a bit.

Sadly, the shoes are going for terribly high prices right now, but I would expect them to drop soon after the hype dies down a bit.


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