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Nike Sets Off 5th Season of NYvsNY

Nike provided the privilege of having us in attendance to set off the 5th season of their very own tournament – NYvsNY. We pulled up on 143rd and Lenox, to the Tri-State court, and the crowd was massive. There was a massive crowd surrounding the court entrance assisted with a long line to get in, as you could feel the excitement and energy surging through the block. All the respective boroughs participating were in attendance, from Dyckman, to Gersh, West 4th Street and Tri-State. 

With it being the 5th season, the amount of support that was present, from younger children to invested parents of the players, to even avid fans of their respective teams, who came to cheer them on, was electric to witness. We were able to experience firsthand what it looks like when Nike invests into the community when it comes to the realm of street basketball and bringing to life the magic of it, especially in New York. New York street basketball is really like that! They even had a Spotify curated NYvsNY playlist in motion for the duration of the games. It really nailed how you would imagine it all to be.

From the likes of Jadakiss pulling up, as well as previous NBA talent, Lance Stephenson, that was just opening night. The biggest surprise had to be when Jayson Tatum pulled up to check the teams out, and he graced the Jordan Brand Jayson Tatum Pink Lemonade truck, right outside the Tri-State Court – a nod to the Jordan Tatum 1 Pink Lemonade Men’s Basketball Shoe. To see the excitement and joy in these young players’ eyes was inspiring, because hope had been instilled, that one day, that could be them too. They made sure to show Jayson their best moves too.

It was satisfying to see how Nike’s Grow Our Game initiative was reflected in the NYvsNY season opener. The Grow Our Game initiative is led by Nike where the WNBA and the NBA help bring positive change to girls within surrounding communities. To ensure Nike is helping girls stay in the sports they love instead of dropping out, Nike is helping break the physical and social barriers that can result from this and last a lifetime. They made sure to maintain that momentum with NYvsNY, as the Girls Jamboree is taking place on August 5th, at Houston St. To be able to see young women showcase their talent, for the entire city to come see, is going to be amazing. Furthermore, it will continue to the Boys and Girls Semi-Finals on August 8th at Lincoln Park, and alas, the Boys and Girls Championship, on August 12th at Rucker Park.

Just seeing how organic and true it felt to be there for the season opener of NYvsNY was a telltale sign of how intensely amazing this season was about to be. It has kept us glued to tap into the NYvsNY Instagram page, to make sure we’re keeping up with the shows they’re putting on every week. If you haven’t pulled up yet, and you’re in the area, please do. The talent present in the youth, from the boys to the girls, knows no bounds. It’s a must that you catch this up close and live in person. Trust us, you will not be dissapointed.


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