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Jordan Brand’s 2023 Women’s Collective Raising the Bar in Community + Culture

Innovators who are pushing boundaries in basketball and sneaker culture across the three key cities of Chicago, LA and NYC are making another wave in the pool of influence. This March, Jordan Brand is introducing the next iteration of its North America Women’s Collective focused on community over competition, societal advancement, and evolving the Jumpman to represent a brand that is for, with, and by women. Through this initiative, Jordan Brand is committed to fueling and sustaining the momentum women have been driving in basketball and sneaker culture by amplifying their contributions through storytelling, exclusive experiences and unique opportunities, while organically cultivating an ecosystem of women supporting women.

Extending the life of the brand’s impact-driven initiative that was founded in 2020 and expanded globally in 2022, Jordan Brand is excited to announce its North America Jordan Women’s Collective 2023 class. Comprised of 11 culture shifters, community builders, and creatives across New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles with a proven track record of uplifting their peers. The goal of this initiative is to redistribute opportunities and reestablish power to a group of women who are redefining what it means to be a part of the Jordan legacy, outside of the terminology and imagery that have often been associated with it. Fostering seamless integration and familial connectivity amongst the Collective, Jordan Brand enlisted the 2022 class to nominate select members for 2023, presenting women who exemplify Brand-aligned principles such as being authentic to basketball culture; fearless with her craft; defying odds in her path; commitment to her community; and an understood responsibility to leave the world better than she found it.

The captivating women of Chicago are as follows: Ashley Crowe, an exceptional Nail Artist who you can find here: @astrowifey. Chelsea Billingsley, an avid Fashion Designer who you can follow here: @chelseab128. Ayanna Hardy-Fuller, in Operations Administration who you can seek at @oooo_yaya. Lastly, Melissa Co, a talent of many trades, ranging from but not limited to, Podcaster, Sales Manager, Photographer, and Community Builder, who you can connect with here: @melissa.francesca.

It doesn’t stop there because New York came with heavy hitters too. Beginning with Bianca Richards, a licensed esthetician and content creator: @bm.richards. Elyse Cox is a mental health activist and director, found at Jasmine Gonzalez is a Business Strategist and an integral figure in sneaker culture, @kixiejixie. Shayla Diaz, who has been rooted in basketball culture with her passion for women in sports, on and off the court, can be found at @ShayzDayz

The Los Angeles squad came strong. Divina Corria, Owner & Designer of Divine Individual, who you connect with at @DivineIndividual. Amiree Vee, a Fashion Stylist and Curator, who can be found at @amiraavainqueur. Christina Pourhabib, a talented and gifted author of The First Pair Book (which we were honored to be featured in) and an editor in the sneaker culture realm, who you can follow at @bychristyna.

Eleven exceptional beings all in their respective fields who have raised the bar of what it means to be women in sports, rooted in community and culture, across North America. We are elated to elevate their journey as the newest 2023 Jordan Brand Women Collective, as they work to operate even more so in their aligned purpose and passion.

“The 2023 Jordan Women’s North America Collective represents the intentionality and will for progress that the Jordan Brand team leads with daily,” says Tonia Jones, Global VP and GM of Women’s at Jordan Brand. “These women are incredible additions to the global Jordan Women’s Collective, and I look forward to the ways our team will jointly partner with them to continue expanding the presence and advancement of women in this industry.”

The Jordan Women’s Collective will continue to be participants of a series of intentional activities and experiences that allow members to connect and become more fortified as leaders within their communities. In congruence with last year’s programming, Jordan Brand will encourage the city cohorts to bond directly and with the larger group, while becoming more fortified as leaders within their communities. Among the number of unique moments the women will partake in throughout the year, they’ll maintain unprecedented access to additional members of the Jordan Brand/Nike Family, including Jordan Brand athletes Jess Sims, Peloton instructor and ESPN College Game-day Host, and Isabelle Harrison, WNBA Athlete for the Chicago Sky, in addition to, WNBA legend Sheryl Swoopes, and more. 

WNBA legend, Sheryl Swoopes said: “I think it is so important because it allows women to have a voice in a very big, popular space that is primarily dominated by men, giving women an opportunity to not only have an impact on the sneaker game, but making a difference along the way.” Having the GOAT herself speak so highly of an initiative that Jordan Brand prides themselves in, shows how imperative this space was needed.

Made for the W itself came into its’ inception because of the lack of visibility and elevation to share the stories of women in sports and sneaker culture, and it’s only right that one our favs, Isabelle Harrison, WNBA Athlete for the Chicago Sky agrees with how much of a difference it makes with this collective as well. She said, “I think this initiative means there can be space for us in basketball & sneaker culture. For the longest, athleisure and sneakers belonged to the men, and it never was considered that women may want to wear it. Having the Jordan Women’s Collective finally puts us first and gives us the opportunity to influence the culture.”

With Jordan Brand constantly pushing the envelope, we expected no less with the visuals of the women themselves. To commemorate the announcement of the new class, the women were captured by former professional athlete (dancer), celebrated photographer, Djeneba Aduayom. Having captured sports icons like Serena Williams, Aduayom brought her methodical approach of marking a sense of movement, performance, and personal interrogation through her work into her first-ever shoot with Jordan Brand. We are so excited to share this news to witness Jordan Brand’s 2023 Women’s Collective. Make sure you stay tapped in to see what awaits, as we take you through this experience, with a front row seat ourselves. Cheers to women elevating women. This is the just the beginning.


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