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#WCW Kicks Profile: @Kicks0l0gy + @barbee.dotcom

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday…

Welcome to the #WNBAKicks WCW segment, where we introduce you to women who are associated with sneakers, inside the footwear industry, and in the sneaker culture. This week we introduce you to two women who are prominent in the social media realm, as well as active in the game, for more than 10 years.

My name is Alisse Marie, and I am from the IE area in Southern California.

I honestly didn’t anticipate when I was in high school buying the releases, that it was going to turn into something so big. I was on the high school basketball team and felt inspired to have the latest sneakers. When it comes to how hard it is to cop certain shoes, it always varies. Obviously, on the limited releases, I had to make an effort to enter raffles. If I was unable to grab a pair I had my sights on for retail sale, I would watch the prices on StockX, to anticipate a price drop, making it a delayed W. One of the obstacles I seem to face as a female sneaker collector is not being taken seriously. For example, if I and my boyfriend are together, and we’re in a store, they automatically approach and address him. Then when further asked a question about what he needs, he will point to me, and say, “she would know your answer.” A part of me has accepted that as reality because it is such a male-dominated community. Gaining respect is fine with me, even if that means saying it is fine to be overlooked until I’m not.

It is also, interesting to see how full circle it has come to notice the girls I went to high school, who chastised me for being a sneakerhead, before it was a thing, are the same ones who follow the trend I had exuded, years ago. Which makes it easier to decipher who is in it for the love of sneakers, and what that means, or merely because it is a culture that is “in” right now. Now, those same women have reached out, in efforts to be given direction with their developing sneaker collection, all while forgetting the days of bullying me for being tomboy chic. Oh, the irony.

My holy grail pair of my collection has to be the Nike SB Unkle, as I work on complimenting that, by attaining the Air Max 90 Warhawk. Some of the best moments in my life, during the sneaker copping process, is when retailers would have campouts for releases. I have met so many great friends from those encounters. It was definitely a different experience back then when it came to the sneaker culture, and I sincerely miss those days.

In the IE area, I don’t think there are many around. However, @barbee.dotcom lives by me and has always been my partner in crime when going to the sneaker events together in LA. I’m excited about an event she is currently looking to throw, which is supposed to culminate the energy and way of how it used to be, back in the day.

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We need to redo this …. @kicks0l0gy

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Everyone makes it a competition between everyone. I don’t blame the people, I blame social media. I feel like there was a point where we all looked out for each other, and truly enjoyed upcoming releases. Now, it’s based on greed, clout, likes, exposure, money, etc. It really just made me step back and do my own thing. It is peaceful and no drama. One day, it will be back to the way it was. This is me manifesting that into the universe.

Love you D! Keep doing your thing for the women out here. We all hail from all around the world and still share the same love for it.


Damaries Negron aka Kickitwitdd and I am from the Bronx NY. I have been collecting sneakers since 2007 and my favorite sneaker brand is Ewing Athletics. I own over 200+ pairs of sneakers. My purpose for collecting is to enlighten the sneaker culture from a woman's perspective.

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